I am updating/editing my second book (Amber: The daughter). I am on page 55 of 102. Then I copyright the manuscript and submit to the publishers. I am on my way.


Mill Run Community Festival in Altoona PA

I will be selling/signing my book at this event, please come out and support the community. You may win something at the chinese auction too.

PayPal.Me For Book Sales


I am hoping this link works to pay me directly for paperback book sales. The cost of Morgan: The family by Sadie Beckenridge is $12.00 plus $3.00 shipping within the US.

You can also buy it on ebook form through amazon, barnes & nobles. google play just to name a few.

I have posted chapters 1-7 on line, if you want to finish the book chapters 8-20 please buy the book. Thanks

Good Read

2015 Achievements and Abilities Scholarship Winner

Michigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys is excited to announce Christine Hann as the recipient of the 2015 Achievements and Abilities scholarship. Christine’s essay discussed how her son Scott’s cerebral palsy has affected her life and her family.

Born at 34 weeks, Scott swallowed meconium and amniotic fluid while being delivered by emergency C-section. At six-months-old, Scott had not hit normal developmental milestones and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. After the diagnosis, Christine felt that the neurologist did not provide information to best assist her in helping her child.

In her essay, Christine goes on to discuss the accommodations her family made to help Scott, such as putting him into daycare with an on-site therapist and ultimately moving to live closer to her mother, who has training in working with children with special needs. Scott continued to have difficulty reaching developmental milestones and Christine quit her job so that should could attend to her son full-time.

Now seven-years-old, Scott attends elementary school with a support staff of therapists and special education teachers. Though he has never walked on his own, Scott uses adaptive equipment, including braces, forearm crutches, and a walker. Christine mentions many of Scott’s struggles, but is more focused on his great qualities. He excels at math and likes to help out with the family business making Renaissance clothing. She says her son is outgoing and has many friends. Scott loves socializing, playing board games, reading, and the family’s three cats. Their family is still adjusting to the challenges that cerebral palsy brings, but is excited to see all of the great things they know Scott will accomplish.

Inspired by Scott, Christine is pursuing a degree in human services from the University of Phoenix. Please join us here at Michigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys in congratulating Christine, and wishing her and Scott success in all their future endeavors.

About me

Things not mentioned in my bio. I am a mother of two children who are 15 years apart. I was married at a young age which ended in divorce. My second marriage I just turned 30. I had my youngest at the age of 35 which labeled me a geriatric pregnancy. I never went to college until the age of 40 and did it all at the University of Phoenix online. My biggest challenge in life is raising a child with physical and mental disabilities. It took me 20 years to write my first book. I wrote it and rewrote it and procrastinated about getting it published. I got discourage the first time from a rejection letter. Then this year I decided it was time to self-publish. I love connecting with lost family members and finding new ones. You never know you just might be in my family tree. :o) 

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